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First blog post

First blog post

My 2015 Vacation in the Philippines.

Well, It started on the late night of June 11, we were already in the airport waiting to board the plane. Our E.T.A to the destination was 1 P.M in the Philippines. The plane landed very smoothly and it felt like you are just in a car that was full of passengers and speeding at around 300mph.

Thank God it landed safely, Our fetchers then were my uncle and his friend who drove a van for at least 5 hours. After my parents met them we went straight away to our house, well of course not immediately because our fetchers greeted and welcomed us again.

After than we were on our way to our house in Laguna, and believe it or not we arrived just 2 and a half hours, haha. Fortunately we were just in time for lunch, because we were famished. If I could remember it properly we ate Adobong baboy and Sinigang.

For one week me and my parents could’nt properly sleep, due to the time and the habit to always sleep early,so we had to adjust. Aside from that, we also had to adjust to the weather and the temperature, In the morning, our surrounding was cold and then it gets very hot in the afternoon, and at night it was humid.

And for our whole vacation, we really had to adapt to the climate. But on the otherhand, it was fun, I get to see my relatives and old friends and we always go to different malls and movie theaters with our relatives. And we travelled to the cities in the north.

So even though we had to do all of the activities, we had the time to go the church it was the single most important thing we wanted to do, aside the activities we’ve done for the passing month.

But in the end our vacation had ended but enjoyed as well. We had to our goodbye’s and last greetings to our loved ones and friends. And so the day had come we had to go and board the plane, the date was May 17 2015, that is the date we arrived in Saudi Arabia.