Nagmahal, Nasaktan, ????


Nagmahal, Nasaktan, NagFUGEN


“NagFUGEN” because, I want to prove something to her that I can be responsible & can manage my time wisely, that I am better than the other guy.


A Student’s Guide To An Apocalypse.

Setting:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Characters: Bill, Micah, Gerald, Father, Hussien, Myles, etc.

Conflict: Zombie Apocalypse

Author: John Bill B. Laza

In a world, where a group of people have survived a Zombie Apocalypse. Yes, life more or less sucks, basically everyone you know or loved is or may be a zombie. Good thing we survived it, considering we are just a bunch of students.

It started on a beautiful Sunday morn. Everything was going as planned, “It’s a new week ahead of us” said my father, as he looks at me and smiles. We were on our way to school, When suddenly I saw a glimpse of a man beating the hell out of a bloody kid. I didn’t even bother.

As I arrived at school, everything seemed normal ,at first. As the day went by students of FGPIS are getting hungry, and when the time for recess finally came, I was surprised, Everybody in my class brought their own food. So I alone went outside, I remembered that before I went to our canteen I went to the bathroom to cleanse my hands.

After I washed, I heard a strange noise, at first I thought it was the cat, as I get closer to the noise, the noise started to sound like someone was asking for help outside the gate. I opened the window on the gate.

Next thing I saw was dirty man covered in mud & body gushing in blood, of course I wanted to helped him but he was stranger, and I didn’t understand him. As I turned my back on him, I heard a lound “thump” following a loud scream, I got frightened. I went bak to check on him, next thing you know he turns to a zombie trying to eat me.

I ran back to the classroom & told everyone including our principal, Mam. Zen, that there’s a zombie and possibly an apocalypse outside, but sadly everyone laughed at me and made a fool out of me. The only one who listened was our Vice Principal, she approached me & asked me to show her the zombie.

She couldn’t believe her eyes, she asked me to go to her office to annouce that we were going to cancel the school, I hesitated and I said no, I explained to her that the zombies might hear us , but she did not listen, instead she got to the office and annouced. 

I told myself she’s going to regret this. What I didn’t know that my classmates & the rest of the school were at my back listening, & I told them to “stay calm, dont be afraid”. I ordered them to gather any object that could potentially be a weapon against the ravaging, bloodthirsty zombies outside.

Some students were shocked, some were worried that they might get in, & most of them were brave enough to form a group and voted me as their leader. I told them to put themselves together and ask the to vote for another leader like the Vice Principal, the Principal or the Pres. of the SGB.

As I was going to the classroom, trails of blood started to appear by the hallway and the other classroom. I ran toward the class, hoping to still see some survivors inside. Sadly, only 3 of them were left Micah, Hussein & Gerald, all covered in blood and sorrow as I looked at them.

We went out to the facade to tell the remaining survivors that, there is a break in to the west wing of the building. We realized that they were all infected, the west wing got opened, now they all fled to the 3rd building eating & infecting all of the remaining students.

I tried to call my father from his cellphone & to my expectations someone finally answered. My father is still alive , I’m finally a found kid that was once lost, but the joy had to end somewhere. He told me that he got bitten & that he had kill himself inorder for him to die with pride & dignity, to die as a human.

From then on me & my classmates set out on a quest to find the cure, hoping that we could get to the military base of Saudi Arabia, where the said armor could eliminate all the monsters.

We were traveling by car, the car that I stole from our teacher. We packed every supply and weapons we accomodate in the vehicle to satisfy our needs for the journey. As we were about to leave the property someone managed to escape unscaved, and he is Myles our classmate, but I was still worried that he got bitten so still thoroughly checked him even though he said he wasn’t bit. 

At last, we finally arrived at our destination as my classmates slept while I drove, they woke up & screamed because I shouted we are here to myself. Everyone punched me & then laughed. Good thing there is still an Internet connection for your GPS they said, & I told them yes, as I grinned and looked at them.

I told my classmates that we are nearing the check point of the base, then a group of soldiers approached the car and ask why we were there & that this is a restricted area. The soldiers then asked me to open the car for inspection, & so I did.

Luckily we were allowed to enter without asking for our identification, heck afterall there’s an apocalypse, there’s no need for ID’s.

The base that we were in is known as “The American Compound”. Scientists, Generals, Soldiers, Reporters, & Students gathered at the court. Every single soul in that court were trained, informed, & insturcted to what we were supposed to do. But, the only thing I was interested in was in the “Overwatch Project” that is currently in development.

The authorities gave us our own house, & we were provided with supplies that are to be divided equally among us. The authorities also gave us important files to read. As stated in file the “Overwatch Project” are state of the art amors that are designed specifically for short range combat.

As we finished our training, me and my classmates were chosen as the best candidates for the project. We were given a tour at the restricted facility, where the said armor is in development. We were each given a position or ranking for the project.

We were ranked based on our skill set, abilities, & character. I being full of rage and coordination, Hussein being strong and protective, Micah being our medic, gerald being light on his feet, & Myles being aware and sufficient. 

And so I was ranked as Offensive, Hussein as Defensive, Micah as Support, Gerald as Recon, & Myles as Info. Each of us was insturcted & trained to customize our armor based on our ranking. 

After a couple of years passed by, the “Overwatch Project” has been finally finished & deemed worthy for combat. After all the hard work & testing we finally get to wear our suits. Our first mission was in a mall, to be more specific, in Hayat and Sahara Mall to gather supplies.

In our 1st mission we’ve encountered a massive horde of zombies hurdling toward us, as captain of the “Furious 5”, I ordered them to place themselves in evasive maneuvers. We rejoiced after defeating our first horde, but we knew that more are still coming, so we quickly gathered our supplies and left.

But, because of our enhanced abilities we heard some survivors yelling for help from a far, I asked the Command Center to respond to the distress, and they undoubtedly confirmed my request. And so I asked Myles on what’s the status of the area, he replied to me as, “It’s piece of cake”.

Then after I asked Hussein to accompany me to the secondary objective “Search & Rescue”. As we were approaching the location of the distress call, another round of zombies appear, I knew both of us were in trouble so I recalled our recon, due to the sheer size of the horde.

Although our foes were many we still managed to push through, and successfully extracted the survivors.

We returned to the base as heroes and patriots of the world. The development of the cure is still unclear whether it would be complete or not, but after countless researches, missions, & rescues, the top scientist of the world have finally developed a cure.

I told myself that I would avenge my father’s death from the very beginning, & that I would preserve the lives of those still left.

The time has finally come, that this apocalypse should come to an end.

The Furious 5 that were once students are now saviors of the world. The Earth have been through a lot of things and yet it has survived many things in the past, let this be a reminder to the younger generation that any disaster could be changed with dream.

The End…..

First blog post

First blog post

My 2015 Vacation in the Philippines.

Well, It started on the late night of June 11, we were already in the airport waiting to board the plane. Our E.T.A to the destination was 1 P.M in the Philippines. The plane landed very smoothly and it felt like you are just in a car that was full of passengers and speeding at around 300mph.

Thank God it landed safely, Our fetchers then were my uncle and his friend who drove a van for at least 5 hours. After my parents met them we went straight away to our house, well of course not immediately because our fetchers greeted and welcomed us again.

After than we were on our way to our house in Laguna, and believe it or not we arrived just 2 and a half hours, haha. Fortunately we were just in time for lunch, because we were famished. If I could remember it properly we ate Adobong baboy and Sinigang.

For one week me and my parents could’nt properly sleep, due to the time and the habit to always sleep early,so we had to adjust. Aside from that, we also had to adjust to the weather and the temperature, In the morning, our surrounding was cold and then it gets very hot in the afternoon, and at night it was humid.

And for our whole vacation, we really had to adapt to the climate. But on the otherhand, it was fun, I get to see my relatives and old friends and we always go to different malls and movie theaters with our relatives. And we travelled to the cities in the north.

So even though we had to do all of the activities, we had the time to go the church it was the single most important thing we wanted to do, aside the activities we’ve done for the passing month.

But in the end our vacation had ended but enjoyed as well. We had to our goodbye’s and last greetings to our loved ones and friends. And so the day had come we had to go and board the plane, the date was May 17 2015, that is the date we arrived in Saudi Arabia.